Police Necklace

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Police Cathedral PJ.25723PSS/01
Filigree stainless steel cross pendant With a snake shaped Stainless Steel Chain. Tot..
Police Champion  PJ25519 PSS-01
Gloss-finish plate with black logo POLICE-combined with black PVD chain. Total Length: 50-70 cm..
Police Eternity PJ.25704PSS/01
Stainless Steel unique rectangular charm Steel Chain In Total Length 700mm (500mm + 200mm Extra..
Police Gemini PJ25524 PSSRG-01
A pendant with two elegant cross. Stainless steel and  a stylish red-gold color cross pendant. ..
Police Grace PJ.25154PSG/02
Cross Pendant With Stainless Steel Chain. All In IP Gold And Shiny Polish. Total Length: Tota..
Police Spirit PJ.25706PSU/02
Cross charm in stainless steel silver  Steel Chain In Total Length 700mm (500mm + 200mm Ex..
Police Viking PJ.25708PSS/01
Stainless Steel antique silver Viking shape necklace  Steel Chain In Total Length 700..